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My name is Eduardo Hemming, and I am a tattoo artist specializing in traditional and cultural styles. Originally from Brazil, in 2021, I relocated to Europe, where I have had the opportunity to work in various countries such as Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, and currently, I reside in Germany.

My passion for tattooing is reflected in each piece I create, with a focus on styles like Old School (Traditional), Black & Gray, and Japanese (Irezumi). My Old School tattoos are characterized by bold lines and vibrant colors, evoking a sense of nostalgia and respect for the roots of tattoo art. Through Black & Gray, I explore subtlety and intricate shading, creating images that come to life with timeless elegance. In my Irezumi works, I incorporate traditional Japanese elements like dragons and cherry blossoms, always with a modern touch and deep symbolism.

In addition to these styles, I have the technical skills to execute any tattoo style that comes into the studio. I work easily under pressure and am always ready to take on any walk-in tattoo. Every tattoo I create is an authentic expression of technique and emotion, telling stories through body art. I love capturing cultural and emotional essence in my designs, creating pieces that are both visually stunning and meaningful to those who wear them.

Eduardo Hemming

Eduardo Hemming




9 years



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17 Jun 2024

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