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My name is Lisa, I work under the pseudonym Vetta.
I have a strong desire to continue working in this field and develop. Also, I am in need of working with a creative team. I'm looking for a tattoo parlor, where I will have the opportunity to do tattoos:).
In Belarus, I have completed theoretical and practical courses on tattooing, as well as on permanent makeup. Still, tattooing is closer to me as something creative and diverse. However, I am ready to do tattooing!)

One of my native languages is Russian, English and Polish at the level of understanding. I can support a conversation in English.

To begin with I will be satisfied with the minimum wage. (3500zloty)

I want to know and know how to tattoo as best as possible. I constantly have to combine clients at home, between work as a maid, in the kitchen, sex shop and so on. I'm 26 years old, tired of combining my main job with tattooing. I want to finally do a job I love. I'm all for my back hurting just from long tattoo sessions!))

Lizaveta Khartanovich

Lizaveta Khartanovich




1 year



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9 Jul 2024

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