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We are searching the best jobs opportunities in dozens of European countries, help you to get perfect working place where you can open your artist potential. Unleash your creative potential, bring your boldest ideas to life, and make a hefty chunk of change while you're at it – it's time to dominate the tattoo scene and achieve your financial dreams!


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Tattoo Artists and Studio Administrators Vacancies:
Unlock a World of Opportunities

In the world of tattoo artistry, where each creation bears a unique imprint of personality and craftsmanship, the opportunity for tattoo artists and studio administrators to fully unleash their potential becomes the key to a successful career. We are on the lookout for talented individuals eager for growth, development, and ready to bring to life the boldest of ideas. If you're prepared to dominate the tattoo scene, effect significant changes in the tattoo industry, and achieve your financial dreams, our mission is to assist you in finding the perfect job in Europe, where every day is a step towards success.

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  • A Plethora of Vacancies in Europe: We offer access to an extensive database of vacancies across dozens of European countries. Your ideal workplace awaits you in one of Europe's creative capitals.

  • Unleashing Creative Potential: We believe in your creative potential and strive to provide an environment where you can fully unlock it. Bring your boldest ideas to life and create masterpieces that will inspire.

  • Professional Growth and Development: Beyond the ideal workplace, we provide opportunities for learning, masterclasses, and seminars from industry-leading experts, enabling you not only to develop your craftsmanship but also to expand your professional horizon.

  • Financial Prospects: Our goal is not only to help you find your dream job but also to ensure you receive a stable and respectable income that reflects all aspects of your work and talent.


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If you possess exceptional talent and are eager to learn and develop, and your portfolio speaks for itself, we are waiting for you.

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Responsible, communicative individuals with experience in customer service and management are prepared to become the face of the studio and ensure its flawless operation.


Send us your resume and portfolio through the form on our website. We will consider every candidate and contact you to discuss the next steps. Don't miss your chance to be part of the largest tattoo community and realize your dream of a career in tattoo artistry.

Now is the time to dominate the tattoo scene, unleash your creative potential, and achieve your financial dreams. Join us, and together we will create the future of tattoo art!

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