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My name is Nastya, I am a tattoo artist from sunny Odessa, I started tattooing in January 2023.

Since childhood, I dreamed of getting tattoos, but my parents were against it, so I had to take everything into my own hands.

Initially, I didn’t want to work in a studio, I wanted to work only for myself, so I rented a place in a business center. I worked there with a girl, but then I didn’t have enough space and I decided to open my first mini-salon, but soon there wasn’t enough space there either, so I decided to open a new salon in the city center. I am a member of the tattoo association of tattoo artists of Ukraine

I love what I do, I like to decorate the bodies of others

My favorite styles are graphic, my favorite are cute tattoos and abstract.

Anastasia Timchenko-Levchenko

Anastasia Timchenko-Levchenko




1 year



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4 Jun 2024

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