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20 May 2024 at 10:10:08

Helping Tattoo and Piercing Artists Find Work in the Tattoo Industry



Helping Tattoo and Piercing Artists Find Work in the Tattoo Industry

In the tattoo industry, there is a constant demand for professional artists and administrators. Creating a platform where tattoo artists can find work and studios can find suitable specialists solves many problems. This article will explain how our platform helps artists and studios find each other, what opportunities it offers, and how to use our services.


For Artists

If you are a tattoo or piercing artist looking for work, our platform will be a great assistant for you. Here’s what we offer:

  • Portfolio Publication: Artists can create their profile, adding photos, descriptions, examples of their work, information about their experience, and willingness to relocate. This helps studios quickly find suitable specialists.

  • Work Experience: Specify your professional experience so potential employers can assess your skills.

  • Social Networks: Add links to your social networks for better interaction and showcasing your work.

  • Work Photos: Upload high-quality photos of your best works so studios can evaluate your style and skill.

How to Create a Successful Portfolio?

  1. High-Quality Photos: Ensure your photos are clear and professional.

  2. Detailed Description: Describe your style, technique, and approach to work.

  3. Social Media Activity: Regularly update your social networks, share new works, and engage with your audience.


For Tattoo Studios

Tattoo studios will also find many useful tools for finding artists and administrators:

  • Job Postings: Post information about your studio, describe the type of specialist you are looking for, and specify candidate requirements.

  • Style Filtering: Find an artist who specializes in the styles you need.

  • Portfolio Viewing: Browse candidates' portfolios to find the artist that perfectly fits your studio.

How to Find the Right Artist?

  1. Clear Job Description: Describe not only the requirements but also the benefits of working in your studio.

  2. Portfolio Viewing: Carefully review candidates' work to ensure their professionalism.

  3. Interview: Conduct interviews to understand if the candidate is a good fit for you both personally and professionally.


Our platform creates ideal conditions for interaction between tattoo artists and studios, facilitating the job search and hiring process. If you are an artist, create your portfolio and become more visible to studios. If you are a studio owner, find the best specialists to help your business grow. Join us and discover new opportunities in the tattoo industry!

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